Opening Hours

5:30am-10pm 7 days


Staffed Hours
7am-9am + 4pm-6pm


43 Summerland Way

New Park NSW 2474
02 6632 2551

Kyogle Community Gym is Operated by the community for the community

Kyogle Community Gym is professionally run as a social enterprise with support from a dedicated group of volunteers.

We offer a safe, attitude-free workout space with a demographic ranging from 14 through to 90 years of age. We have machines, free weights and floor space, along with a program of regular classes and fitness professionals on hand to help you with your workout needs.

As a social enterprise, the aim is for any profits to be reinvested back into local community programs in Kyogle, such as Youth Action and the Fair Share Kitchen for a vibrant and inclusive community. By being a gym member, you are doing more than helping yourself – you are contributing toward our community sustainability.

Our membership fees are at the bottom end of commercial rates to keep the gym accessible.  If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly staff will help.

Streamline your Membership Process

To simplify and speed up your signup follow takes these steps.

You can also do the whole process in the gym during staffed hours. 

Application Form

Fill out your application form online, your account  will be automatically created in our system.

If you’re unsure which payment / membership to choose, just select one for the time being as this can be done separately at the gym by cash for EFTPOS.

Watch Our Safety Induction for Over 18s

As the gym only has staff during certain hours you are required to watch a video explaining safety procedures in order to gain access during these times.

Watch the Safety Induction for Unstaffed Hours video below.

When you get to the gym to pic up your access tag, there is a form to sign to say that you have watched the video and agreed to the terms.
We will be testing you to make sure you’ve watched the video.

Watch Our Safety Induction if Under 18

If you are under 18 you are only allowed in the gym during staffed hours or with a parent or guardian who is also a gym member. All Under 18s  must watch the General Safety Induction video below.

Come Into the Gym

Come into the gym during staffed hours to do any extra paperwork and pick up your access Fob.

The Fob requires a one-off payment of $10.

Staffed hours:
Monday-Friday – 7am-9am + 4pm-6pm
Saturday – 7am-9am

Watch how to sign up online

Safety Induction for Unstaffed Hours
(compulsory for over 18 members)

General Safety Induction
(compulsory for under 18 members)

Membership fees

Pay via:

  • Cash or EFTPOS at the gym during staffed hours
  • Ongoing Direct Debit – enter details during online application or talk to staff
  • Bank deposits (EFT) – request details ➡

Standard  $15

Standard  $30

Standard  $40

Standard  $130

Concession  $60

Concession  $145

Concession  $245

Concession $425



Concession prices are available for membership types where listed only. 


Classes in the timetable below are included in memberships.
Non-member fees: $15 per class

Swipe to see all days – scroll to see more. Give it a moment to load.

Reach your goals...

Personal Training

We now offer Personal Training sessions!

You will receive motivation, support and a workout tailor-made for you. Whether you are looking for cardio, weight training, flexibility or a combined session at any level.

Our Aus Active registered trainers will work with you one-on-one to help you progress toward your fitness goals.

Purchase Our Books

We have developed these workbooks to help you see the big picture and make it easier to stick to your plan each day.

Workout Tracker: See improvements as you track all aspects of your workout. When you track your workouts you can be accountable and honest with yourself. You can look back at your last session and improve on what you did, allowing you to make continual progress toward your goals.

Mindful Eating: Food Journal for health, weight loss and new beginnings. Are you ready to transform your relationship with food and embark on a journey to a healthier, more mindful you? Discover the power of Mindful Eating with our comprehensive journal, designed to guide you through three transformative months of conscious and balanced nutrition.

The Habit Hub


Positive affirmations are more than just words; they are tools for rewiring your mindset. When we repeatedly affirm our goals and desires, we send powerful messages to our subconscious, which in turn influences our actions and behaviours.

The Challenge:

Each day in April, we invite you to commit to the daily affirmations. Repeat them aloud or write them down, allowing them to sink into your consciousness and guide your actions. Choose one or more affirmations each week to say aloud daily.

Additional Reinforcement:

1. Visualization: Along with affirmations, visualize yourself achieving your fitness goals. Imagine how it feels to be healthy, strong, and full of energy.

2. Morning Ritual: Incorporate your affirmations into your morning routine. Repeat them as you wake up, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

3. Journaling: Keep a fitness and affirmation journal. Write down your affirmations daily and reflect on how they make you feel.

Week 1: Getting Started

  1. “I am capable of reaching my fitness goals. Each day, I am getting closer to my ideal body.”
  2. “My body is strong and resilient. I nourish it with healthy food and exercise.”
  3. “I release all negative thoughts about my body. I love and accept myself as I am, while working towards my best self.”
  4. “I choose to prioritize my health and well-being. Taking care of myself is a top priority.”
  5. “Every workout brings me closer to my goals. I enjoy the process and celebrate my progress.”
  6. “I am disciplined and focused. I easily stick to my fitness routine and make healthy choices.”
  7. “I attract positivity into my life, including a fit and healthy body. I am grateful for the progress I’ve made.”

Week 2: Building Momentum

  1. “I am committed to my fitness journey. Each day, I am becoming stronger, healthier, and more determined.”
  2. “I welcome challenges as opportunities to grow. I overcome obstacles with grace and perseverance.”
  3. “I trust the process. Every small step I take is progress towards my ultimate fitness goals.”
  4. “My body is a reflection of my hard work and dedication. I honor it by giving my best effort every day.”
  5. “I am in control of my choices. I choose nutritious foods and activities that nourish my body and mind.”
  6. “I radiate positivity and attract success. My momentum is unstoppable, and I am on the path to greatness.”
  7. “I am motivated by progress, not perfection. Each day, I am getting closer to the best version of myself.”

Week 3: Overcoming Challenges

1. “Every challenge I face in my fitness journey is an opportunity for growth. I welcome them as stepping stones to a stronger, healthier me.”

2. “I am more resilient than any obstacle on my path to fitness. I push through difficulties with determination and strength.”

3. “Setbacks are temporary. I use them as fuel to propel me further towards my fitness goals.”

4. “In the face of challenges, I remain committed to my health. I find solutions and alternatives to keep moving forward.”

5. “I release all doubts about my ability to succeed. I trust in my body’s capability to overcome any fitness challenge.”

6. “I am a champion of my fitness journey. I tackle challenges with a positive mindset, knowing they make me stronger.”

7. “I am on a path of continuous improvement. Every challenge I conquer brings me closer to my optimal health and fitness.”

Week 4: Celebrating Success

1. “I am proud of how far I’ve come. I celebrate every milestone, big or small, on my fitness journey.”

2. “Success is my natural state. I deserve all the achievements and victories that come my way.”

3. “I am grateful for the progress I’ve made. Each step forward is a testament to my dedication and hard work.”

4. “I honour my body and mind for their strength and resilience. I treat myself with kindness and appreciation.”

5. “I radiate confidence and positivity. I attract success and abundance into my life.”

6. “I am the architect of my future. I create the life and body of my dreams with each positive choice I make.”

7. “I celebrate myself as a work in progress. I am constantly evolving and improving, and that is worth celebrating.”

Living Longer Living Stronger classes

We are excited to be running strength and balance exercise programs for those over 50 – whatever your ability!

Find out more about the Living Longer Living Stronger general program here.

An assessment is essential before attending classes –  please contact to book in and get started!

We are run by volunteers

Volunteering involves some admin, some cleaning and a little thinking on your feet, for one 2 hour shift per week. You'll be rewarded with free access to the gym and the knowledge that you are aiding many people in feeling good physically and mentally. We prefer it if volunteers can make a long term commitment.

If you are interested, email


I have been an AusActive registered trainer since 2009 with a Cert IV in Fitness. I am a qualified Pilates instructor which I have been teaching for over 10 years. I also teach fitball, weights circuit and HIIT

I like to create a balanced session with lots of variety. I believe in fostering a lifestyle of exercise by making it enjoyable and sustainable. Consistency is the key to getting results.

I understand the importance of listening to your body and that every day is not the same: sometimes you may need a push and other days a change of pace.

I also have a keen interest in nutrition and have completed Cert IV’s in both Wellness and Weight Management, as well as a Grad Cert in Human Nutrition.

I am passionate about the combined role of exercise and nutrition in longevity and I’m happy to chat with you about your nutrition goals.

Whether you are just getting started on your exercise journey or need some extra motivation/fresh ideas for your workouts, I am looking forward to helping you become more focused and move toward your aspirations.


I have been a qualified personal trainer since 2019 and am registered with AusActive.

My passion is to help children, older adults and people who lack motivation, have health issues or injuries or might feel scared of a gym setting.

My message is that it’s ok to exercise and gain strength, balance and movement in order to lead a purposeful and happy life.

“Moving is the key to help getting our life back on track; even if it’s only walking”

My qualifications include a Cert III & IV in Fitness (Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer). I also have qualifications in: Training Older Adults, Chair Aerobics, Living Longer Living Stronger and Kids Fitness.

I am currently furthering my fitness education with qualifications in Technical Lifting, Boxing for Fitness, Lower Body Injuries and Training Clients with Intellectual and Physical needs.

Kyogle Together Inc. acknowledges the Gullibul, Githabul, Wahlubal and Banjalang people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters within the Kyogle Local Government Area, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.