Kyogle Youth Action

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Drop in for ages 12-18yrs
Wed-Fri 3:30-5:15pm

0460 578 866

We are a youth focused organisation based in Kyogle, NSW. Being youth focused means that we place young people, their aspirations, needs and wants at the heart of what we do.

Central to this approach is our Drop In service which runs Wednesday – Friday 3.30pm – 5.15pm.

This is a safe, inclusive space for young people to hang out, have fun, grab a feed and access services as required.

We also run a number of alcohol and drug free events, a Youth Week program, a school holiday programFEMS (a female empowerment course in conjunction with Kyogle High School), as well as other activities undertaken in response to the suggestions and feedback of young people.

We also help run the Kyogle Youth Advisory Committee (KYAC) allowing young people in the Kyogle LGA the opportunity to speak directly to Kyogle Council about issues that concern them.

An exciting, recent addition to our services is the monthly Laneway Youth Café, which offers young people a creative space to indulge their musical and culinary passions.