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Welcome to “Joyful June”! This month, we focus on enhancing our mental well-being through fitness and fostering a supportive gym community. By participating in various fitness classes and engaging with workout buddies, we aim to create a joyful and motivating atmosphere. Join us for a month of fun, friendship, and fitness!

1. Mindful Movement (Week 1)

  • Attend a fitness classes focusing on mindful exercises such as yoga and Pilates.

2. Buddy Boost (Week 2)

  • Work out with a new gym buddy for at least 3 sessions. (see below and attached)

3. Resistance (Week 3)

  • Participate in a circuit style resistance-based fitness class like Flexi-Fit, Bodburner, Sculpt or Saturday Strength and Stretch.

4. Fitness Fun (Week 4)

  • Participate in a high energy fitness class like Flexi-Fit or HIIT Fit.

Buddy Workout: Power Pair Circuit

The Power Pair Circuit combines strength, cardio, and functional movements. Each exercise is performed in pairs, ensuring mutual support and motivation throughout the session.

Duration: 60 minutes

Equipment Needed: Resistance bands, Medicine balls, Dumbbells, Mats

Warm-Up (10 minutes):

Dynamic Stretches:

High knees / Butt kicks / Arm circles / Leg swings / Partner Warm-Up Drill:

  • High-Five Squats: Stand facing each other, squat simultaneously, and high-five at the bottom of the squat. (2 minutes)
  • Medicine Ball Pass: Stand a few feet apart, passing a medicine ball back and forth while twisting your torso. (2 minutes)
  • Partner Jog: Jog side-by-side around the gym or in place if space is limited. (3 minutes)

Main Circuit (40 minutes):

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Complete the circuit 3 times, resting for 2 minutes between each round.

Partner Squat and Press:

Exercise: Stand back-to-back with your partner. Simultaneously squat down, then as you stand up, pass a medicine ball overhead to your partner.

Muscles Worked: Legs, shoulders, core.

Resistance Band Sprints:

Exercise: One partner holds a resistance band around their waist, while the other holds the ends, providing resistance. The person with the band sprints forward against the resistance.

Muscles Worked: Legs, glutes, core.

Plank High-Fives:

Exercise: Both partners get into a plank position facing each other. Alternate lifting one hand to high-five each other.

Muscles Worked: Core, shoulders, chest.

Partner Push-Ups:

Exercise: Face each other in a push-up position. Perform a push-up and clap one hand with your partner at the top of each rep.

Muscles Worked: Chest, triceps, core.

Medicine Ball Russian Twists:

Exercise: Sit back-to-back with your partner. Pass a medicine ball from side to side, twisting your torso to hand it off.

Muscles Worked: Obliques, core.

Partner Lunges with Pass:

Exercise: Stand facing each other. Lunge back with one leg while passing a medicine ball under your front leg to your partner.

Muscles Worked: Legs, glutes, core.

Resistance Band Rows:

Exercise: Face each other with a resistance band looped around a stable object. Each partner holds an end and performs a row, pulling the band towards their chest.

Muscles Worked: Back, biceps, core.

Cool Down (10 minutes):

Partner Stretches:

Seated Forward Fold: Sit facing each other, legs extended and feet touching. Hold hands and gently pull each other forward.

Quad Stretch: Stand and hold each other’s shoulders for balance. Take turns pulling one foot to your glute for a quad stretch.

Back Stretch: Stand back-to-back, link arms, and gently lean forward to stretch the back.

Deep Breathing:

Sit or lie down comfortably. Take deep breaths together, focusing on a slow inhale and exhale to calm the heart rate.

Notes:  Modify exercises as needed for different fitness levels.  Stay hydrated and have fun!

Kyogle Together Inc. acknowledges the Gullibul, Githabul, Wahlubal and Banjalang people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters within the Kyogle Local Government Area, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.