Peers Educators Engaging Peers (PEEPs) is a 2 day training and leadership program for young people aged 16+. This training aims to develop a group of youth peer facilitators to deliver education activities to their peers, specifically at the yearly PASH conference in Byron Bay.

The program aims to build the capacity and confidence of young peer leaders to deliver information, referral and support to other young people regarding issues of sexual health. The PEEPs Training incorporates the following modules:

Facilitation Skills Training: Participants will learn the basic principles of group facilitation and have the opportunity to practice these skills both during the training and through delivering sessions at the conference.

Sexual Health 101: participants will gain a holistic understanding of both the risk and protective factors in relation to sexual health and learn strategies to promote healthy sexuality in innovative ways among their peers and in their communities.

Ins and Outs: PEEPS will build their knowledge of the spectrum of gender and sexuality and explore the ways in which sexual and gender identities impact upon health.

Chlamydiastic: PEEPS will learn to run this fun and interactive sexul health game to increase knowledge and reducing incidence of Chlamydia.

Throughout the PEEPS program participants will be encouraged to explore their own values regarding sex, sexuality and health as well as build upon their own particular areas of interest in the area of sexual health.