In 2016 Kyogle Together was asked, and agreed, to take over the management and operation of the monthly Bazaar, which had experienced an on and off existence before that time. This was a joyful experience and Kyogle Together put a lot of energy into ensuring the Bazaar had the correct procedures and processes and was a safe and vibrant market.

Five years on, after much careful thought, Kyogle Together made the difficult decision to relinquish the operations of the Bazaar.

At the July 2021 Bazaar we had a wonderful celebration with music and cake. Not even COVID-19 could dampen our spirits.

We handed over the operation to a new group who will take over management from August 2021.  The handover will include the procedures Kyogle Together has developed over the years, along with physical assets (including a trailer and marquees) and a small cash reserve from Bazaar funds.

As a community development organisation Kyogle Together understands the value of the Bazaar to Kyogle. We believe whole heartedly that Kyogle needs spaces like the Bazaar where people can express their creativity, earn an income and connect with friends or community groups.

The Bazaar creates happiness and social connection which are so important for all our wellbeing and resilience. We are delighted to see the continuation of the Bazaar and look forward to watching it grow and evolve.

For enquiries about the Bazaar please contact the new organising committee on 0459512249 or email